dane callaway

Product Manager

Dane has been working at SPR Retail since 2018 and has seen growth within the organization.

What I like most about my job?

“After a work history of nine years in retail, I wanted to combine my technical knowledge (from Motorsport) and work experience to take up a challenging position at a higher level. When applying, I was not very familiar with SPR Retail myself, but I was very positively surprised by the activities, products and the way of working here.

“Fun outings are organised and there is plenty of humour present. Even with the growth in recent years, it is still clear that this is a family business where there is an open and informal working atmosphere with short lines of communication. We are a close-knit group of colleagues who are ready to support each other whenever necessary. As a result you have not just the feeling, but actually the belief that the entire company works as a team to ensure the best results together. This gives that extra bit of peace of mind because you can count n it that there is always someone there to support or help you.”

“In my current position, my task is to prepare, improve and innovate everything around products and the entire supply chain. It offers great variety and it is refreshing because it is never about the same task or situation. At the same time, my knowledge get new impulses from all sides within the company, so I get energised every day and can start the day productively.”

“My position has grown with me within the company’s growth in recent years. I shared my wishes and interests with the management. This was clearly listened to and they have looked at my skills and wishes for the future. By applying this combination correctly I have been given the opportunity to grow and to permanently expand both my knowledge and experience. At SPR Retail, you are given enough opportunity to: work independently, prioritise and structure your work. We operate as a joint team with the same objective and help each other to achieve it.”

“I expect to be working for SPR Retail for a long time and I look forward to the future with new colleagues, products and expansion.”