chantal van den bersselaar

SEO Specialist

Chantal has a great time at SPR because she gets to work with great colleagues, can operate internationally and has a fantastic working environment adjacent to the showroom. She is also allowed to work from home, but she prefers to come to the office. That says it all, right?

What I like most about my job?

 “The variety: one minute I’m researching keywords or analysing our website visitors, the next I’m writing texts for the George at Work and Jimmy at Work websites. One day I write a product text about a compressor, the next a blog about putting together your own workshop equipment.”

What do you consider most imporant in your work?An SEO Specialist writes texts with one goal: to be visible in Google and preferably appear in first place in the search results. This way, as a company, you get the most website visits and that includes potential customers. I think it is important to see progress and that is what we have managed to do with our team. An example: being (and staying) at number 1 in Google with an important product group. It is motivating for me now to get and keep other product groups at this position as well.”